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How do I use the Address Assistant?
What's the best way to make my address fit into the address assistant?
How do I delete addresses?
How do I upload my spreadsheet of addresses to Minted?
If you already have your addresses organized in a spreadsheet, you can upload a file and load all of your addresses at once.
What options do I have for printing addresses on my envelopes?
Can I change my shipping method or address?
If your order is still processing, you can make changes to the shipping method and the shipping address. 
How do I add recipient addresses to my order?
You can add addresses before you checkout, or (if your design includes a proof) you can add and edit addresses up until you approve your proof.
How do I change my email address in my account?
I just received my order and my envelopes don't have addresses on them. What happened?
Can I add an address for an event on my wedding website that is not in the United States? Will the map show it accurately?
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